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These hyperlinks are electronic connections to other sites that may hold valuable information regarding natural resource conservation in South Carolina. We encourage you to contact the Darlington Soil and Water Conservation District with any questions you may have regarding local conservation issues. Our contact information is at the very bottom of each page of this web site.

USDA Conservation Programs

This link will provide infomation about the various programs that are offered to the public. Among the programs are EQIP, WHIP, FIP, CRP, and WRP.

Natural Resources Enhancement Program

This program is the begining of a state cost share program. Funds are limited and the conservation district sets priorities as to approaitations.

Information about USDA

Darlington SWCD News and Information

The Darlington SWCD is now providing as of 03/29/02 to the public a county soil survey on CD. There is a cost of $20.00 per CD to cover the expense of assembly and materials. Please contact the office at 843-393-0483 to inquire or request a CD.

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